What do you need for Rapunzel-like hair?

What do you need for Rapunzel-like hair?

Every time I see any Disney character, the first thing I notice is the protagonist's beautiful and voluminous hair. The shiny hair of Anna and Elsa, the red hair of Merida , long dark curly hair of Moana and not to forget the long and strong hair of Rapunzel. I bet we have all been awed by their character as well as their hair. 


If we ever ask them about their secret of beautiful hair, they will praise the animator. Getting those gorgeous locks will then be like building castles in the air . Though we are not animators we can help you get the hair you adore. Yes, you heard it right. We will make your dream into reality by letting you know about these secrets to beautiful hair.

Brace yourself and be ready for some good amount of nutrition download. Here are our special ingredients, a secret to beautiful long hair.

Grape seed extract

Yummy for tummy and great for hair. Studies have shown that grape seed extract helps in hair growth. Studies have shown that it helps in the development of the hair follicle and thereby increasing hair growth. [1]

Vitamin A 

It is one of the main vitamins needed for hair health. Apart from playing a role in vision, vitamin A helps in hair growth. Deficiency in this vitamin leads to hair fall. [2] Vitamin A helps to make sebum, an oily substance that helps keep hair healthy.


Biotin deficiency is associated with hair loss. Biotin is an important ingredient that helps maintain hair, skin and nail health. Biotin stimulates the keratin production and can stimulate the follicle growth. It is said to make your hair stronger and healthier. [3] This is the reason why biotin is widely prescribed as a hair growth supplement. 


There is a growing interest regarding the efficacy of using silica supplements for hair. It has been found that higher silicon content in hair results in lower rate of hair loss and increases in the brightness of the hair. A study was conducted wherein 48 women with thin hair were given silica supplements. After a period of 9 months, it was found that their hair was stronger and thicker than before. [4]


Pumpkin seed extract

Several studies suggest that pumpkin seed extract can be an effective means to prevent hair loss. A study conducted on 76 men having alopecia (hair loss disorder) showed that when pumpkin seed was given and there was an increase in scalp hair count and thickness.


Quercetin stimulates hair growth and therefore can be used to prevent hair loss. Like pumpkin seed extract, the efficacy of quercetin as a treatment for alopecia was assessed and it was found that it helps in preventing alopecia. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune non-scarring hair loss disorder. 

Saw Palmetto

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT )is a hormone which is said to cause hair fall in men and women. Saw palmetto has been found to block DHT and thereby prevents hair loss. Saw palmetto is used as an oral hair growth supplement and was to be effective in improving hair growth. It is one among many naturally occurring 5 alpha reductase inhibitors which has gained popularity as a remedy for androgenetic alopecia. [5]

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C a.k.a ascorbic acid is known for its antioxidant activity. It also plays an important role by helping in the absorption of iron from the intestinal because of its chelating and reducing effect. By helping in the absorption of iron, it helps in reducing the incidence of hair loss due to iron deficiency. [6]

Nettle leaves 

Nettle leaves have sharp hair and at the same time it's good for your hair too. Like saw palmetto it also inhibits 5 alpha reductase and ensures decreased hair loss. It not only helps in combating hair loss but helps in regrowth too. Nettle leaves have been found to enhance follicle generation and promote hair growth.

Now that you know about these secrets, you have taken a step towards beautiful & gorgeous hair. 

May all your days be good hair days. 

May your hair be longer & stronger, like Rapunzel’s!