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Root Nourish Capsules

With Biotin, DHT Blocker, Quercetin for Hair

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  • 7-in-1 All Rounder Hair Solution
  • Over 18 years of age
  • 30 Capsules (30-day pack)
  • 100% Plant. No side effects.
  • Formulated by doctors, nutritionists
  • FSSAI & GMP approved

How to Use?

Take one capsule a day, after any meal

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See through Us!

We uphold transparency right from selecting our ingredients to the point they reach you. Rest assured, you will know as much as we do. Not any less.

Other Ingredients: Pomegranate powder, Mango powder, Pink Salt, Black Pepper

Why Earthful's Root Nourish Capsules?


Your hair is a reflection of your diet & lifestyle.

  • Biotin is an essential nutrient that synthesises Keratin, and nourishes your hair from within.
  • Earthful's Root Nourish Capsules contain effective herbs that act as DHT Blockers to prevent Hair loss.
  • Antioxidants such as Quercitine help with strength & growth. All for good hair.
  • 100% Plant Derived. Nothing Artificial. No side effects.
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Let’s clear your Doubts!

  • Generally, the hair supplements present in the market have only Biotin. On the other hand, Earthful's Root Nourish Capsules have a unique formula of Biotin & effective hair actives such as DHT blockers & Antioxidants. This improves your hair health from within by reducing hair fall, improving hair quality and strength. There are also brands which call themselves “Plant-Based'' but when you look at the back of the pack you will find that synthetic ingredients are being used. On the other hand, we clearly list the sources for you to understand. The ingredients are always kept transparent for you so that you don’t need to worry about the side-effects of synthetic ingredients by consuming Earthful.

    1 Capsule (514 mg) daily. It can be taken at any time of the day.

    Due to exposure to the harsh rays of the sun and pollution, our hair gets damaged and loses its shine. Treatments such as bleaching, straightening etc. also play their part in damaging the quality of hair. Therefore, it is essential to give your hair the care it needs from within. We recommend you to consume "Hair Growth Capsules" daily to maintain your beautiful hair.

    Root Nourish Capsules help maintain hair health inside out. It contains effective hair actives such as Biotin, Quercitin & DHT Blockers to help you have strong hair. Continue to take the capsules for 3-4 months to see visible results in your hair.


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
S Mathew
Excellent product

This product has been very good for my addressing my hairfall issues. I took it for a month and have seen a big diffrence. Hoping it remains that way.

Hair growth capsules

Purchased a week ago. Not seen difference yet.

Hello Ma'am,
We recommend using the supplement consistently for 3-4 months to achieve optimal results.

Anandhi Muthu
Amazing product

After a month of using women 40+ multivitamin, I've noticed visible results. My doctor prescribed injections and tablets for my vitamin deficiency, but being hesitant about allopathic medicines since childhood, I sought a plant-based alternative. I found Earthful's 40+ multivitamin, and it's been a wonderful solution. Previously, I felt tired and sleepy throughout the day due to the deficiency, but now I feel active and can work long hours without fatigue. My positive experience led my son to start using Earthful's 18+ multivitamin as well. Thank you, Earthful, for this amazing product.

Aditi Nath
Hair growth capsules

This is my first buy from Earthful. Firstly packaging delivery n instructions given in it are very nicely done. Secondly the effect after consuming the
tablets for about 8 days it helped in reducing my hairfall a little & yes a bit of shineness n healthy I could feel,hence that's what the progress is and more to see. So, yeah with all positive hope my hair is going to be bountiful and healthy.

Hi,Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that you're satisfied with your first purchase from Earthful, and we appreciate your kind words about our packaging, delivery, and instructions.Please be consistent in using for best results.

Neethi Nair

Purchased to recently. Still need to see results but so far it’s been good.