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Earthful Kids Millet Mix

No more fuss in having milk!

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  • Power Grains (Ragi, Jowar, Barley) with Goodness of Natural Cocoa
  • 6 INGREDIENTS Only. 100% Plant. Zero refined sugar.
  • 20 Servings per pack
  • Formulated by Doctors, Nutritionists
  • FSSAI & GMP approved

How to Use?

Add 1 scoop (~20 g) to 200 ml (3/4th glass) lukewarm milk, any time of the day.

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Our Ingredients!

We uphold transparency right from selecting our ingredients until they reach you. Rest assured, you will know as much as we do. No less.

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  • Millets are gentle on the stomach, making them an excellent choice for digestion and a great option for those with gluten sensitivities.
  • Unlike sugary drinks, Millet mix serves as a natural energy booster for your body.
  • Natural Taste from Cocoa & Jaggery for that chocolatey taste
  • Only 6 ingredients which are clean. Nothing is Artificial & harms your body.
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Let’s clear your Doubts!

  • Nutri drinks, like Earthful Kids Millet Mix, are an excellent way to provide children with the additional nourishment they need to stay healthy and active. Unlike other health drinks, Nutri drinks are 100% plant-based, free from artificial flavors and preservatives, making them a safe and effective option for children, without the concern of side effects. Additionally, Earthful Kids Millet Mix is rich in fiber and contains no refined sugars, ensuring that children remain active and energetic throughout the day.

    Earthful Kids Millet Mix is a rich source of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium, ensuring that your child receives good nutrition from natural ingredients. Our unique blend of whole grains, including Ragi, Jowar, and Barley Malt, sweetened naturally with Jaggery, essential for energy boost, supports healthy growth and development. Furthermore, Earthful is free from synthetic minerals, vitamins, and additives, making it a clean and wholesome choice for conscientious mothers.

    Mix 1 scoop (20 gms) with 200 ml of lukewarm milk for a tasty treat! Perfect for millet porridge, smoothies, or as a cereal drink. Whip up a quick millet smoothie with Ragi, Fruits, and Dates – A simple, nutritious, gluten-free breakfast!

    Earthful Kids Millet Mix can be consumed daily to provide your child with the necessary nourishment and energy for healthy growth.

    The results can vary from child to child, but consistent consumption of Earthful Kids Millet Mix as part of their daily diet can lead to noticeable improvements in their health, energy levels, and overall well-being over time.