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Daily Nutrition for Women Experiencing PCOS

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  • 6-in-1 Hormonal Support Supplementation
  • With Inositol, a proven ingredient for Hormonal Balance
  • Vegetarian Capsule shell
  • 30 Capsules (30 day pack)
  • 100% Plant. No side effects
  • Researched by doctors, nutritionists
  • FSSAI & GMP approved

How to Use?

Take one capsule daily, soon after any meal

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See through Us!

We uphold transparency right from selecting our ingredients to the point they reach you. Rest assured, you will know as much as we do. Not any less.

Other Ingredients: Strawberry powder, Raspberry powder, Monk fruit powder

Why Earthful's HerSupport ?


20% Indian women experience PCOS.

  • High levels of hormones like Insulin & Androgen result in PCOS. This leads to Irregular periods, Acne, Facial hair, Ovarian Cysts, Weight Gain.
  • Earthful's formula contains Inositol which helps in Restoring Harmonal Balance. Chromium improves Insulin Sensitivity & helps in reducing Androgens in body.
  • Phytoherbs like Cinnamon, Shatavari & Chasteberry help with Weight Management, reduce Acne & improve Ovulation.
  • 100% Plant Derived. Nothing Artificial. No side effects.
Read full research here>>

Let’s clear your Doubts!

  • Earthful's HerSupport is all in one solution with Inositol, Shatavari, Cinnamon and other nutrients that are essential for hormonal balance. We use the highest quality of Insositol that is sourced from Europe. Our formula also contains Chromium which improves Ovulation rate & reduces androgens in the body. HerSupport contains nutrients essential for hormonal balance, reproductive health, controlling insulin levels, restoring menstrual cycles, and reducing acne and body hair.

    There are also brands which call themselves “Plant-Based'' but when you look at the back of the pack you will find that synthetic ingredients are being used. On the other hand, we clearly list the sources for you to understand. The ingredients are always kept transparent for you so that you don’t need to worry about the side-effects of synthetic ingredients by consuming Earthful.

    Take 1 capsule daily. Soon after any meal.

    HerSupport Balance should be taken every day.

    Diet, Lifestyle & Genetics are the root causes of PCOS. Our PCOS Balance Inositol + Chasteberry helps bring about Hormonal Balance & Restore your Menstrual cycle. Continue to use the capsules on a daily basis for 3-4 months and notice how your cycle improves.


Customer Reviews

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Divya kalwal
I have a query for this product

Can this be taken after in the night after the meal?

Hello Ma'am,
Yes, it can be taken at night, after dinner.


If I'm trying to get pregnant shall I take this supplement regular base ?

Hi Ma'am
We will like to assist you better and understand your query request You can reach out to us at 8121010992 or send an email to

chiu.chinchin -
How long should you take these pills

I am now on my 3rd bottle and wanted to know how long should you take them for ?
If I feel I like the result can I continue taking it for long a time?

Hi Ma'am
'Yes, absolutely! You can continue taking the supplements for a prolonged period without any concerns. Our products are designed to be safe and beneficial for long-term use. We are glad you're experiencing positive results and wish to continue.'

Amita Shah
Using 1st bottle & ordered 2nd one

My daughter's 1st bottle is about to finish & ordered 2nd bottle for her I think it is very initial stage to get any result as her PCOS is 9 years old

Hi Ma'am
Consistency is key to achieving the best outcomes. Keep up with the routine, and over time, you will notice improvements. If you have any questions along the way, You can reach out to us at 8121010992 or send an email to


Can we reduce the gained weight bocz of pcos by using this product?

Hi Ma'am
Our Her Support capsules reduce insulin resistance, curb sugar cravings and stress eating, and optimize metabolism, potentially resulting in weight reduction.