Promotes GI tract Barrier function


    Restores GI motility


    Exerts gastro protective effects


    Relief from Acid Reflux

Introducing The Source

Every time you munch in these seeds, be assured that you are getting much more than just fresh breath. Being packed with various nutrients it is found to be helpful in treating indigestion, flatulence, IBD etc.

Did You Know?

During the middle age, fennel had an interesting function to perform, it was used to ward away evil spirits.

With the dynamic nature of science and nutrition, we keep ourselves up-to-date with research. You can read more about the specific vitamin and it's evidence-based roles in the body through the links below. Enjoy soaking up all the learning!

Promotes GI tract Barrier function Reserach-
Restores GI motility Research-
Exerts gastro protective effects Research-
Relief from Acid Reflux Research-