Protects Colon


    Exhibits carminative effect


    Relives abdominal pain and bloating


    Improves appetite

Introducing The Source

Coriander is used both as an herb and a spice. This kitchen companion is also packed with immune boosting antioxidants which helps fight your body against several diseases.

Did You Know?

It derived it name from a Greek word 'koris' meaning stinky bug. This is because it was thought that when coriander was bruised it gave a similar smell like that of the stinky bug.

With the dynamic nature of science and nutrition, we keep ourselves up-to-date with research. You can read more about the specific vitamin and it's evidence-based roles in the body through the links below. Enjoy soaking up all the learning!

Protects Colon Reserach-
Exhibits carminative effect Research-
Relives abdominal pain and bloating Research-
Improves appetite Research-