Which Multivitamin is Best For Men?

Which Multivitamin is Best For Men?

Men are the group of individuals who sometimes lose out focus on micronutrients, that is, vitamins and minerals. Often, their focus groups are carbohydrates or protein loading but can forget about the micros (for example, zinc) which are very crucial for optimum internal health. 

If you're looking for multivitamins for men, here are the top 3 nutrients to look - 

  1. Vitamin D

Nearly 76% Indians are deficient in Vitamin D and these include men as well. [1] Being deficient in vitamin D can further lead to calcium deficiency problems due to lack of absorption.

Another crucial reason is testosterone levels. Vitamin D is linked to testosterone levels.[2] This is a clear indicator that Vitamin D is important for the overall health of men.

  1. Calcium

Calcium, for obvious reasons. Calcium is required for optimum cardiovascular health, best muscle function and strong bone structure. All three can be a concern for adults, especially men. [3]

  1. Zinc

Zinc is related to men’s hormonal health since it plays a role in testosterone management. It’s also crucial in ensuring the food eaten is processed correctly in the body, reaping the most benefit.


Thus, as you can see, it's important that multivitamins for men are made in the ways best for them. This is where Earthful comes in as Earthful Men Multivitamin is not just formulated, but also 100% made from plant ingredients only. Get these nutrients and beyond from ingredients like curry leaves, guava, sunflower and more.