What’s so Watery about Water Chestnuts?

What’s so Watery about Water Chestnuts?

This blog may be based upon a very interesting fact that water chestnuts are 74% water! That’s why they are named, well, water chestnuts.

Yet, you may wonder, if they are 74% water, why consume them? However, to your surprise, they are incredibly nutritious. Let’s dive in.

Low Calories, High Fibre 

Water Chestnuts are super low in calories and fat, making them a fantastic option for anyone watching their waistline. Consuming 5 water chestnuts gives you only 100 kilocalories and keeps you feeling full.

Plus, they're chock-full of dietary fiber which ensures smooth digestion and keeps constipation at bay!

Snack attack? Conquered in a healthy way!

What’s more:

  • Rich in antioxidants - These plain water chestnuts are packed with antioxidants such as ferulic acid and catechins which protect against long term disease conditions. 
  • Can lower blood pressure - Water chestnuts are rich in the mineral, potassium which plays a crucial role in lowering blood pressure.
  • Is heart friendly - Anything that helps manage your blood pressure automatically protects your heart!

In conclusion, water chestnuts may be small, but their health benefits are mighty! They're low in calories, high in fiber, packed with essential nutrients, and overflowing with hydration and antioxidants. It's time to give these little warriors the recognition they deserve and let them add nutrition to your diet.