Top nutrients that can boost your hair growth.

Top nutrients that can boost your hair growth.

We all are totally gaga over actresses and their beautiful locks, aren't we? 

Life isn't perfect but our hair can be. With a bit of nourishment from inside we can own hair that turns every eye.

Here are top nutrients that can boost your hair growth and ensure gorgeous hair.


One of the symptoms of Biotin Deficiency is Hair Loss. Biotin helps in protein synthesis and plays an important role in keratin synthesis making your hair stronger and healthier. [1] Many studies have shown that Biotin is vital for healthy hair and prevents hair loss.[2]

This is the reason why biotin is widely prescribed as a hair growth supplement.

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A helps in hair growth and its deficiency leads to hair fall. [3] Vitamin A is one of the important nutrients of hair health as it helps make sebum, an oily substance that helps keep hair healthy. [4]

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties and the same property  accounts for the fact that they are essential for good hair.[5] Studies have suggested that Vitamin E helps in treating alopecia as it prevents loss of hair due to oxidative stress in the scalp. [6]

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is known for its salient role in skin health. It is also of importance to hair health as it reduces hair loss. Hair loss is common during iron deficiency and Vitamin C is an important supporter of iron. It helps in the absorption of iron from the intestine thereby decreasing the incidence of hair loss due to iron deficiency [7]

Vitamin D

This vitamin plays an important role in the follicle cycle.[8] Its deficiency has been observed in the condition of scarring alopecia.[9] Vitamin D is a nutrient which may help in hair growth but with less studies conducted on its name.


Zinc helps in the growth and repair of hair tissue and ensures that oil glands around the follicle function well. Hair loss is often observed in Zinc deficiency.[10] 

It has been observed that zinc deficiency has been common in people suffering from alopecia (hair loss). When supplemented with zinc, they have shown it to be an effective treatment for this condition.[11] 


There has been a growing interest regarding the efficacy of using silica supplements for hair. Higher silicon content in hair resulted in lower rate of hair loss and increased the brightness of the hair.[12] 48 women with thin hair were given silica supplements for 9 months. They inferred  that their hair were stronger and thicker than before. [13] 


Quercetin is said to stimulate hair growth and therefore can be a prospect to prevent hair loss. [14] Studies conducted to demonstrate the efficacy of quercetin as a treatment for alopecia showed that it helps in preventing alopecia. [15]  


Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiency in the world. It also accounts for hair loss in individuals. [16] This is why iron is an important nutrient for hair.


It is very obvious that for quality hair you need quality protein. This is because your hair is made of a protein called keratin.

Summing up

You see many nutrients collectively work in order to make your hair beautiful and gorgeous.[17] 

In order to be an owner of beautiful locks ensure you are always nourished. Everyone deserves good hair. Why not? Someone has rightly said 

" Your hair is 90% of your selfie."