Plant based multivitamin: Expectation Vs Reality

Plant based multivitamin: Expectation Vs Reality

Plant based multivitamin has been celebrated by the greater part of the crowd. Though it may be one of the most sought after and talked about, yet its several aspects remain unclear. Today, we’ll talk about those in detail.

We are here to shed some light on plant based multivitamin and understand its true essence.

1.Expectation: Plant based multivitamins lack certain nutrients. 


Reality: Plant based diet is deficient in certain nutrients, not plant based multivitamins. There is always a plant based alternative for nutrients usually derived from animal sources. For example, Calcium can be sourced from Algae. This is how plant based multivitamins can also have all nutrients.

2.Expectation: Plant based multivitamin = No Synthetic / Animal products used

Reality: We are sorry to let you know that most of the so-called plant based supplements in reality use animal products. Gelatin is used for making capsules, pectin for multivitamin gummies and talc for tablets which are all animal products. But we also would like to proudly inform you that Earthful uses plant cellulose to make plant capsules thereby avoiding animal products

3.Expectation: Plant based multivitamins are pinch to the pocket.

Reality: Letting this fad grow inside us is missing out on the goodness of plant based multivitamin. With the day to day hike in the prices of fruits or vegetables a pill of plant based multivitamin is cheaper than the same amount of nutrients consumed through food. A pill a day may cost you in double digits but fruits and veggies containing the same amount of nutrients will cost you a fortune. So drop this idea that plant based multivitamin is expensive

4.Expectation: Plant based multivitamin must be tasting really awful. 

Reality: It may taste awful in your imagination but not until you try it. Those naturally made, for example Earthful, have flavors derived from fruits to treat your taste buds. 

Let go of those doubts and bask in the goodness of plant based multivitamin. Be informed and choose wisely.