Melatonin for sleep: Does it work?

Melatonin for sleep: Does it work?

We can say that with an increase in the workload the sleep quality and duration decreases. Days of sleeplessness initiates you to look for methods to induce sound sleep. You come across melatonin and with it comes a fog of doubts. Is Melatonin really a good sleep aid? Can I get melatonin from a plant source? Is Melatonin supplementation safe? We bring this article to clear your fog of doubt and let you enjoy your beauty sleep.

What is Melatonin? How is it related to sleep?

Melatonin is a hormone produced mainly in the pineal gland and small portion in the retina. They are involved in sleep regulation. [1]

Melatonin regulates the sleep and wake cycle in the body. It's like an alarm which signals you when to wake or sleep. Melatonin secretion increases in the body when there is darkness which gives us the cue to sleep. In the case of daylight the levels to melatonin decrease, signaling the body to wake up.[2]

Melatonin: A sleep aid?

Melatonin supplementation has been found to positively affect sleep quality.[3]

Meta analysis has also supported the use of melatonin in order to treat secondary sleep disorder. [4]

Apart from these several studies have shown that Melatonin is indeed very helpful in improving the onset of sleep, its duration and quality among children, adolescents and older adults, menopausal women. [5] 

Decreased melatonin is observed in people suffering from Insomnia. Studies have shown that melatonin supplementation has shown to improve conditions of insomnia even in cases of autism spectrum disorder, adolescent depression and ADHD.[9]

Traveling through different time zones can be fun but not until your jet lag affects your sleep health. Findings have shown that oral melatonin is effective in reducing jet lag syndrome. [10]

Once we have known that melatonin supplementation has been scientifically validated to be a sleep aid, now comes the question where to find it?

Do market supplements source their melatonin from plants? Is it safe? 

Well, melatonin supplements are usually produced synthetically but can also be obtained from plants and microorganisms. [11] 

Where to find melatonin sourced from plants?

Earthful's Sleep Aid contains melatonin deprived from tart cherries. Yes, we do not use synthetically derived melatonin but its only purest form. Tart cherries are high in melatonin and are proven to be helpful in increasing melatonin levels and thereby contributing to sound sleep. [12]

Try the goodness of melatonin and fall into a peaceful slumber.