Mango’s “Sap-Trap” : Be Extra Careful!

Mango’s “Sap-Trap” : Be Extra Careful!

Eager to sink our teeth into the sweet, juicy goodness of a ripe mango but WAIT! There’s a danger you should be aware of. 

What is the danger? - It’s the mango sap that oozes out when you break a mango stem.

If you happen to be sensitive to the compounds found in mango sap, touching it can lead to a condition known as "Mango Dermatitis." This itchy, red rash can make you wish you never laid eyes on that delicious mango. Infact, the chemical called urushiol from mango sap can give serious burns as well.

But don't fret – you can still enjoy your mangoes safely! Just take a few precautions to avoid the wrath of the mango sap:

  • Use gloves: When handling mangoes or their parts, slip on a pair of gloves to create a barrier between your skin and the sap. This simple step can save you from days of discomfort.
  • Wash your hands: If you've been in contact with mango sap accidentally, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. The quicker you rinse it off, the better your chances of minimizing any potential reaction. Never touch eyes without washing hands.
  • Be cautious while peeling: When peeling a mango, try not to get any of the sap on your skin. The sap tends to concentrate near the stem, so exercise caution in that area.
  • Enjoy fully ripe mangoes: Ripe mangoes are less likely to have sap-related issues. So, wait until your mangoes are fully ripe before indulging in their lusciousness

Armed with this knowledge, you can now savor your mangoes with peace of mind and delight in their tropical goodness without the mango sap interfering with your enjoyment. Happy mango season!