Is multivitamin capsules good for women?

Is multivitamin capsules good for women?

Womanhood is a critical stage of life marked with several changes that's happening inside the body. Along with aging they are also accompanied by menopause, one of the most important changes. 

With menopause comes different risk factors and if not handled well, it can be detrimental.

Therefore as one steps into the threshold of this age they must pay utmost importance to their food habits as well as lifestyle. Being a couch potato and fussy about foods are a strict no during these times.

Many concerned women opt for multivitamin capsules as a measure to keep themselves healthy. 

Why Multivitamin?

Fills our nutritionally empty plate

Our plate may look full but it may lack essential nutrients. Multivitamins help fill that emptiness. 

Vegans & Vegetarians may fail to get some key nutrients in their diet. When these Nutrients aren’t obtained via an alternative source, it could lead to a deficiency. 

In such cases, Supplements help them meet their nutritional needs irrespective of their food choices. 

Meet the growing needs

As we age the need for certain nutrients increases. This may be because of its growing need by the body. Women undergoing menopause need more of calcium, vitamin D along with phytoestrogens. Taking a multivitamin capsule can be a good option if the diet is inadequate.

Similarly, Multivitamin capsules enriched with Folate are recommended by doctors to pregnant women. They help meet the growing needs of their body and the fetus. [1] 

Prevention better than cure

Multivitamin capsules for women fill in the nutrient gap. They help prevent deficiencies which can lead to health conditions.

Multivitamin capsules for women are indeed a good option to ensure a healthy body. As strong women need to be strong inside out.