Protein Power

How To Choose The Right Protein Powder As Per Your Needs 

The Nutrition Products Market is Flooded with Protein Powders. 

Ever wondered why? 

It’s the need of the hour for us. Due to our eating habits our diets have become more and more deficient in protein, especially Indian diets. The three major research-backed reasons are -

  • Low Protein Intake: 9/10 Indians consume less protein. [1] 
  • Limited Sources: 60% of protein in our diet comes from cereals. [2]
  • Diet Patterns: Vegetarian & veganism lacks complete proteins.

Thus, coming to the real question, how to choose the right protein powder as per your needs and individuality?

Watch out for:

 1. Lactose Content
  • Too much can upset the stomach for some.
  • Tip: Try Pea protein powders instead.
2.Added Sugars 
  • Some protein powders have lots of added sugars.
  • Tip: Make sure you select one by labels.
3.Watch out for allergies
  • Check if the protein powder suits you well.
  • Ensure it has no ingredients which you are allergic to.
4.Choose Between Only Protein / Mix
  • Some protein powders contain only isolated protein, for example: whey
  • Others have carbohydrates as well, for example: formulated powders, plant protein powders
  • Choose one basis your nutrition goals - 
    • if you wish to gain only muscle, go for isolated protein
    • If you need to gain overall weights well, go for the later option

In conclusion:

Choosing a protein powder must always be individualized for your needs. Just take note of the thumb criteria that goes for all -  ease of digestibility.