Does Biotin boost your hair growth?

Does Biotin boost your hair growth?

When we do an e-survey on supplements for hair growth we come across countless of them, and most of them advertise themselves as containing Biotin. So our inquisitive mind crops up with the questions: Does Biotin really help with hair growth?

There are various studies that have been conducted in this regard. 

Why did Biotin become a prospect for hair growth?

We all are aware of the fact that our hair and nails are made up of keratin.Biotin plays an important role in protein synthesis and to be more specific in keratin production. Deficiency of Biotin is often associated with loss of hair. Taking this into consideration, Biotin was widely studied for its hair growth function.[1]

Are there any studies that say so?

There are several reasons which have already given a thumbs up to Biotin.

A total of 18 research showed improvement in hair and nail health when the participants were supplemented with Biotin. Most of them were deficit or had some underlying conditions.  [2] 

Uncomable hair syndrome is a condition where the hair appears to be dry, blonde, unruly and tangled. A particular study conducted on individuals suffering from uncombable hair syndrome has shown improvement when supplemented with 5mg/day of Biotin. [3]

Male Androgenic Alopecia (MAA) is often treated using Biotin supplement. It is a condition where there is permanent hair loss from the scalp which leads to baldness. Biotin supplementation may improve the hair quality and texture  during MAA treatment.[4]

Take home lesson

Keeping your body sufficient in Biotin does ensure that you avoid losing hair due to its deficiency. Biotin might be your remedy for reducing strands of hair on your comb. Several products containing Biotin for topical use have flooded the market. But we must understand the importance of being nourished from inside because "We are what we eat".