Benefit of plant based multivitamin capsules

Benefit of plant based multivitamin capsules

We have Millennials and Gen Z taking the plant based alternative to great levels. Several researchers are working tirelessly to make a salmon- free salmon, vegan burger, vegan sausages and the list goes on.

Some reasons to choose Plant Based alternatives over dairy or animal based ones are sustainability, love for animals & health benefits.

Along with food choices, our pick for supplements have also shifted to pure plant based and free of chemicals. 

Let's find out how the shift is a thumbs up.

  • You get what you consume

Plant based multivitamins have better bioavailability than the synthetic ones. That means the amount of multivitamin you consume is almost the same amount that is absorbed by the body. This ensures that you meet your body needs.

  • The goodness of being all natural

Plant based multivitamin provides you with the goodness of being all natural. Taken from the laps of nature in order to nourish our body. No synthetic chemicals, just pure nourishment.

  • Less risk

Plant based multivitamins are widely accepted by the consumers as they believe that being chemical free comes with less risk of toxicity. Toxicity is uncommon in case of plant based multivitamin.

  • A solace to vegans

Many multivitamins usually contain animal derivatives making them unfit for vegans. Plant based multivitamins have come as a solace to all those vegans looking for a plant based way to nourish their body.

  • Provides better health benefits

Plant based multivitamin has been proven to be beneficial in reducing oxidative stress among healthy individuals. Phytonutrients contained in plant based multivitamin accounts for various health benefits. Plant based multivitamins are always said to be superior to synthetic multivitamins. 

All things considered plant based multivitamin do have several benefits. Why choose to kill when we can eat plants for a fill. As Bernard Shaw says "Animals are my friend. And I don't eat my friends."